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Packaging Grades

Printing Grades

Release Liners (SCK/CCK)
Release Liners (Glassine/CCK/SCK)

A release liner is a paper or plastic-based film sheet used to prevent a sticky surface from prematurely adhering. It is coated on one or both sides with a release agent, which provides a release effect against any type of a sticky material. In short, the release liner is the backbone of the pressure sensitive labels.

Tracing Paper
Tracing Paper

Tracing Paper is a semi-transparent paper you can use to trace an image or drawing, commonly available in 40-200 gsm. It is mostly used in education industry.

Metallized paper
Metallized Paper

Metalized Paper is coated with a layer of aluminum with a matte or gloss finish which offers decorative and protective properties to the product.

Tissue Paper (Toilet Paper)
Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is very soft,  lightweight and suitable for gift wrapping and hygiene. It is mainly used in sanitary and household cleaning applications such as toilet tissue, Kitchen towels and napkins

Thermal Paper

Thermal paper is a special fine paper that is coated with a material formulated to change color when exposed to heat. It is available in 50-180 gsm and used in thermal printers, fax machines and cash registers.

Decor Paper
Décor Paper

Decor papers are specialty papers used to create quality finishes on wooden materials.

Self-Adhesive Paper
Self-Adhesive Paper
(Sticker Paper / Gummed Paper

Self-adhesive paper is a special kind of paper containing the adhesive strip underside, allowing on temporary sticking.

Greaseproof Paper
Greaseproof / Parchment Paper

Also, called oven paper, greaseproof paper is impermeable to oil and grease making it ideal for use in cooking and food packaging. This paper is commonly available in 25-100 gsm with varying levels of resistance.

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