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Thermal paper or Pos paper

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Thermal Paper is a special fine paper which reacts to heat and changes colour when exposed to the sudden change in temperature to allow for ink less printing. It is widely recognized as POS Paper and mainly used in thermal printers where there is a need for fast and reliable printing in machines such as cash registers and credit card machines which produce receipts and tickets.

Thermal printing is much faster than traditional printers making the service they provide more efficient and allows for higher volumes to be printed with less noise.

Uses of Thermal Paper

  1. It is used in Point of Sale printers such as credit card terminals, cash registers, adding machines and similar devices because it does not require ink ribbon or cartridge to display information.

  2. The higher gsm thermal card is widely used in public transport such as Planes, Buses and trains to produce passenger tickets and boarding passes.

  3. Backed with adhesive, thermal paper is ideal to produce labels for products in retail markets.

  4. It is also used in the healthcare industry to produce faster results for scans such as ECG


PLG IMPEX is an importer company based in Delhi deals in Stocklots and prime grades and sources thermal paper and thermal card from its partner mills in Europe and East Asia. We can supply thermal paper in jumbo rolls and Stocklots

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