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Greaseproof Paper- Baking Paper

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Greaseproof or parchment paper is non-absorbent paper. It generally has low Gsm (25-100) and comes with special features which ensure the paper serves its purpose.

It is made to withstand high temperatures and at times exposed to high levels of grease. Due to these features, paper’s production cost is also high and it is classified as speciality grade paper.

Uses and Applications of Greaseproof Paper

Due to heat resistant and oil repellant features, applications for this type of treated paper include the packaging and protection of all types of greasy food, including wet and dry products. Greaseproof and grease-resistant papers are commonly used with fresh food, fast foods and snack wraps, bagged and boxed items, pet food, microwave cooking products, margarine and butter, and bakery products.


We source Greaseproof paper from mills all across Europe and Asia with varying levels of heat tolerance to ensure you have options suiting your needs.

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