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Packaging Grades

Specialty Grades

Art Paper
Woodfree Coated Paper Gloss / Matt Art Paper

Wood-free coated paper is coated from both sides, available in paper and board. The paper can have a glossy, silk or matte coating in various brightness levels. The paper is used for high-end promotional materials including magazines, calendars and stationery items.

Woodfree Uncoated Printing Paper
Wood Free Uncoated Paper

It is mainly used for writing purposes across the world. The grade starts from 30gsm and can go up to 400gsm which is used for stationary purposes. This versatile paper has many possible applications depending upon the GSM

LWC Paper (48102200)
Lightweight Coated paper
(LWC Paper)

Lightweight coated paper (LWC) is essentially a thin paper made from ground spruce pulpwood, reinforced with a small proportion of Kraft pulp to add strength. The resulting paper is then covered with coating. It is mainly used for printing magazines and catalogues.

Newsprint Paper
Newsprint Paper

Newsprint is a low-cost, non-archival paper consisting mainly of wood pulp. As the name suggests, it is commonly used for printing publications, newspapers, and other print material. However, it is also effective as a low cost packaging paper, being used for filler packaging and Food and Material wrapping.

Book Paper
Book Paper

Book paper is designed specifically for the publication of printed books ranging from 30 to 100 gsm.

Woodfree Coated 1 Side (C1S)
Woodfree Coated 1 Side
(C1S Chromo Paper)

It is a speciality packaging grade ranging from 40gsm to 500gsm. Paper with low grammage is mainly used for printing labels, business cards etc and paper with high gsm preferred for packaging purposes.

Mirror Coat Paper
Cast Coated Hi-Gloss (Mirror Coat)

Cast coated paper is super-shiny paper produced by pressing the paper against a polished metal drum while the coating is still wet. This paper is used in the printing of Adhesive Product Labels, School Labels and suitable for Screen, Offset, Flexo, Digital printing. 

Super Calendered SCA paper
Super Calendared Paper

Super Calendared paper is the most economical and competitive alternative to lightweight coated paper for the magazine printing process and publishing. It is commonly used for large-scale printing of publications such as catalogues, newspaper inserts and advertising flyers.

Directory Paper
Directory Paper

Directory paper made from recycled fibers, mainly used for phone books and directories. It can be used in other applications calling for lightweight papers.

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