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Sustainable and Environment- Friendly Everyday use Packaging Boards

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Liquid Packaging Boards

Liquid Packaging board also called Aseptic board is a multi-ply paperboard with high stiffness, strong wet sizing and a high barrier coating, hence, only virgin paper fibres are used. The barrier coating must hold the liquid and prevent migration of air and flavours through the paperboard.

A liquid packaging board might be up to five plies and is formed on a multi-ply paper machine with online coating. The most common is to use three plies with a basis weight of about 300 g/m2. The base or middle ply is normally made of pulp from bleached or unbleached chemical pulp. It gives more bulk and stiffness. The top ply (inside) is made of bleached chemical pulp. Liquid packaging board are used for two package types: brick and gable top cartons

Typical applications for our liquid packaging board

  • Foodservice boards such as for Milk, yoghurt, dairy products packaging.

  • Juices, nectar, coconut water.

  • Soups, tomato products, desserts, syrups, edible oils, spices

  • Functional food and drinks

Liquid Packaging Board / Food Service Board

Cup Stock Boards

Cupstock paper is a food-safe paper, suitable for both hot and cold food and beverages. Each base paper consists of 2 or 3 layers, known as ply. High-quality cupstock paper has the ability to withstand liquid holdout challenges because it's laminated with PE, PLA, or Water Base solutions and is supported by one of its mechanical properties: Scott Bond. This hinders liquids from leaking, penetrating through and getting absorbed into the inner layers of the paper ply. With this attribute, cupstock paper becomes the ideal choice for paper cups, noodle and soup bowls.

The cupstock paper is generally coated with food-grade Polyethylene (PE) but also comes with eco-friendly PLA coating and available in 2 types according to the usage of the end product; one-side coated CupStock Paper for hot food and two-side coated Cupstock Paper for Cold food.

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for both hot and cold food and beverages.

  • Food-safe.

  • Sustainable and renewable.

Cupstock board / Cupstock Paper


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