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White Kraftliner Paper: The Perfect Solution for High-Quality, Sustainable Packaging


White Kraftliner paper is a versatile and sustainable packaging material that has gained popularity in recent years. While it is often confused with White Top Kraftliner, which features a white top layer and a brown reverse side, White Kraftliner is distinct for its white surfaces on both sides. This unique characteristic makes it a desirable option for a range of applications, from luxury packaging to branded shopping bags. In this blog, we will delve into the features, benefits, and end uses of White Kraftliner paper and how PLG Impex, a leading paper solutions provider in Delhi, India, can help businesses procure this high-quality material.

White Kraftliner Paper box

White Kraftliner: Features and Benefits

White Kraftliner paper is a fully bleached, uncoated white kraftliner that is suitable for various printing methods, including flexo, offset, and digital inkjet printing. It is available in a basis weight range of 70-160 g/m² and can also be used as fluting. The high whiteness of White Kraftliner makes it an excellent choice for applications where cleanliness and purity are essential.

The uncoated surface of White Kraftliner paper lends an attractive matte look and tactile feel to the finished product, contributing to a more luxurious and high-end appearance. This superb print contrast is particularly beneficial for luxury packaging, where presentation and visual appeal are crucial.

White Kraftliner paper is also a great option for lightweighting, making it ideal for microflute solutions. It is safe for food packaging, ensuring that the materials used for food containment meet high safety standards. Furthermore, White Kraftliner is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material, making it an excellent choice for branded shopping bags.

End Uses of White Kraftliner Paper

White Kraftliner paper is versatile and can be utilized in a wide array of applications. Some of the most common end uses include:

  1. Retail-ready packaging: Create visually appealing and durable packaging for retail products.

  2. Shelf-ready packaging: Enhance the presentation of products on store shelves with high-quality packaging materials.

  3. Point-of-sales materials: Produce attention-grabbing promotional materials to boost sales and brand visibility.

  4. Food packaging: Ensure the safety and cleanliness of food products with White Kraftliner's food-safe properties.

  5. Fast food applications: Provide hygienic and sustainable packaging options for fast food restaurants.

  6. Beverages: Create attractive and functional packaging for various beverages.

  7. Bags: Produce eco-friendly branded shopping bags that are both visually appealing and sustainable.

  8. Beauty care: Package beauty care products in high-quality, luxury packaging that reflects the brand's values.

  9. Consumer electronics: Safeguard delicate electronics with durable and protective packaging.

  10. Consumer durables: Ensure the safe transport and storage of durable goods with reliable packaging.

  11. General packaging: Use White Kraftliner for a wide range of packaging needs across various industries.

Procuring White Kraftliner Paper through PLG Impex

Although White Kraftliner paper is produced by only a handful of mills in Europe, PLG Impex, a paper solutions provider and importer company in Delhi, India, can help brand owners and converters procure this high-quality paper grade. With extensive experience in the paper industry and a strong network of suppliers, PLG Impex is well-equipped to source White Kraftliner paper for businesses seeking an exceptional packaging solution.


White Kraftliner paper is a top choice for businesses seeking high-quality, sustainable packaging materials. Its unique features and benefits, such as high whiteness, superb print contrast, and versatility, make it an ideal material for a wide range of applications. By partnering with PLG Impex, businesses can easily access this premium paper grade and elevate their packaging solutions to new heights.

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