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Absorbent Kraft Paper

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

The Absorbent Kraft paper is a paper with controlled absorbency, which means a high degree of porosity. It is made of clean low kappa hardwood Kraft with good consistency. It has excellent absorbance and penetrating power. The high thickness Absorbent Kraft Paper is used for lamination. It is utilized for the manufacturing of Sun mica sheets.

Absorbent Kraft Paper is manufactured with high absorbent properties with no sizing. The paper is manufactured to absorb as much resin as possible in the laminates' manufacturing process.

Key features of an Absorbent Kraft paper

  • Absorbent Kraft paper has special features of high wet strength.

  • High absorbency and used as laboratory filter paper.

  • Other application includes special bags for plantation of saplings.

Uses of the Absorbent Kraft Paper

  • Its properties of Absorbent Kraft Paper which make it an ideal base for a range of products used in building and furniture construction where the impregnated absorbent paper is pressed onto substrates such as plywood.

  • It is useful to create an extremely hard, durable surface.

  • Plywood made with our impregnated paper is used in areas such as moulds for casting concrete and for truck platforms.

  • This paper is also used for cells in humidifier and evaporative climate-control systems, including those used extensively in livestock and poultry farms.


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